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A Vacation In The Midst Of My Vacation

April 10, 2007

I’m going on vacation!  I know, I know, I am on vacation.  But we’re going to The Rock Hua Hin in Hua Hin, the oldest resort area in Thailand.  Hua Hin caters to native vacationers, so it’ll hopefully be much less seedy and trashy than Pattaya.

The only problem is we’re driving.  Well, specifically, I’m driving.  Does that scare any of you?  Cuz it scares the bejesus out of me.  Luckily the Thai Police are very flexible.  When we were driving in from Pattaya the other night and trying to navigate Bangkok streets AT NIGHT Jean-Luc drove through a red light.  We got pulled over by a motorcycle cop who spoke 4 words of English.  Fortunately for us, three of the four words were “You pay me” and we got off by paying 500 baht (about $18US).

So it’s all good; I’m just making sure I’ve got plenty of cash…


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