Top Secret Project Revealed

Alrighty, the time to unveil the Top Secret Project has arrived! (I’m imagining my three readers gasping with anticipation.) But before I show you and talk about it, let me explain how it came to be.

For those reading this from outside Los Angeles or the Stitch & Bitch community, This is Evan.


He is a cute, adorable baby boy who was born with “Hypothalamic Hamartoma,” or HH. Evan’s Momma talks about it here on her blog.

Luckily for Evan, he was diagnosed very early and hence his chances of success are really good. But he has to have a very expensive surgery. His Momma and Papa have worked hard both with and against their insurance company to get Evan the surgery he needs. Unfortunately, despite what they will cover, Momma and Poppa are likely gonna have to cover some portion of the procedure as well as expenses (hotel, gas, etc.) while Evan is recuperating.

Joansy and I were chatting and talking about Evan’s surgery and the burden it was on my Momma and Poppa. We began talking about how we wished there was something we could do to help them out. We had already made Evan a quilt and although I know he and his parents love it, it doesn’t help them pay for his surgery.

Since neither Joan nor I is independently wealthy (or even dependently wealthy!) and neither of us is lucky enough to hit the lottery before then, so both of those options were out. Instead we began talking about how we could help raise the money Evan needs for his surgery.

A bake sale? Good idea and one that we may come back to. Although I’m not sure how to tap into the market of the internet with a bake sale. (If you have ideas, please leave them in my comments!)

A raffle? Well, in the little bit of info I found, raffles are only for the properly-licensed non-profit organization with lots of time to do a bunch of paperwork. Scratch that.

What we finally came up with (and we’re open to other ideas, just leave them in my comments) was to do something similar to what Yarn Harlot did for Knitters Without Borders. She had people email her after they’d made a donation to the organization. Those names were put into a pot, names were drawn, and prizes were awarded.

So here is our idea: Momma and Poppa already have a PayPal account set up to take donations (which you can access by going here and clicking on Evan’s Brain Surgery Fund). Click the link and make a donation to Evan’s Surgery Fund. Then send me an email with the date and amount of your donation (we’re going on honor here). For every $5 donation you make to Evan’s Brain Surgery Fund I’ll put your name into a drawing for a prize once. A $25 donation will get your 5 entries! (And the love, kharma, and warm tingling feelings that go with helping out a little guy and his family in need!)

Oh wait! I didn’t talk about the prizes. Well, we don’t have that many. But since Joansy and I are the Quilting Wonder Twins we made two quilts to give as prizes.

The first quilt, entitled More Hearts for Evan (the quilt we gave Evan was called “Loving Hearts for Evan”, is approximately 56” x 70” and is made from batiks that we collected from a block swap. The backing is not batik, but it’s still pretty!



The second quilt, entitled Even More Hearts for Evan, is approximately 49” x 63” and is also made from batiks from a block swap. The backing is not batik, but is still beautiful.



Both quilts were pieced, layered, quilted, and bound by Joansy and I during my 4 day stay with her in Canada. They both have heart-themed quilting patterns, although they are both different from each other.

So help little Evan get his surgery by making a donation to Evan’s Brain Surgery Fund. You could win a quilt that is covered in hearts and filled with love. More importantly though we’ll help Evan.


If you have a blog, perhaps you can either link to my site or create a blog entry about what Joansy and I are trying to do. The more people who know about it, the more people who may contribute to Evan’s surgery.

Edited to remove PayPal links and add button in sidebar that actually works! Unfortunately I can’t get the button to work. If there are any WordPress Wizards out there, HEP ME HEP ME! Until then, please go to Momma’s and Poppa’s blog to make donations.

28 Responses to “Top Secret Project Revealed”

  1. Frank Says:

    I apologize for the password-protected post earlier. It wasn’t to exclude anyone. I was trying to get permission from Evan’s Momma and Poppa and wanted them to see the post before I made it public. And now it’s public; no password needed!

  2. Stimp Says:

    (de-lurking!) Hey, Frank!

    I found it easier to go to Evan’s Mom’s blog and click on the donation link there, which takes you to the donation page on PayPal. The links you put in your post just take me to PayPal login for my own account. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought I’d mention it.

    Token pre-payday donation incoming, and maybe a bit more donating on payday (Friday!).

    Stimp (another Edmontonian)

  3. Christine Says:

    Beautiful idea and beautiful quilts!

  4. Robin Says:

    I been reading your site for a while (Thanks to Laurie) and I’d like to offer some handmade soap, lotions and so forth. to go with those quilts. Do you have a deadline in mind?

  5. Anne-Marie Says:

    Hi Frank
    Is this International? I’m imagining a hefty postage bill.


  6. Alice Says:

    I have some handmade cards made with postage stamps that I would be happy to donate if you are interested. They are already made, so let me know where (if) I should send them.

  7. designonpost Says:

    HI Frank, I came over from Allison’s blog. LOVING this idea! I was thinking about the Etsy shop that was created for an indie crafter that got sick and didn’t have health insurance, I think they have done it twice now. Is that a possibility or do we not want to take sales away from Supercrafty? We could also do it on Ebay so everything doesn’t have to be handmade. Just a few ideas.

  8. Brenda Says:

    Frank, what a wonderful thing to do! any way I could mail a check or cashiers check? I had a bad experience with paypal. but if necessary I will rejoin. Please e-mail me, thanks!!!! Brenda

  9. Kathy Says:

    Excellent idea, and I’ll post info on my blog! I made a $50 donation on April 20 – am I eligible for a quilt?

  10. Frank Says:

    Thanks Stimp!
    That’s very generous Robin, Thanks!
    Anne-Marie, I will be MORE than happy to ship it internationally. It might have to go on a slow boat to make it affordable to me, but definitely!
    Alice, how kind! Thank you!
    Design, great idea! I think right now I have my hands full with this. But you seem PERFECTLY adept… 😉
    Brenda, I’m checking on checks and money orders right now!
    Kathy, Thank you for supporting Evan’s surgery fund. Unfortunately we’re counting donations made after 6/26/07. But again, thank you for helping Evan and his family! xo

  11. Kim Says:

    I am moved by you and Joansy and your efforts for Evan. What an adorable child. I will definately be donating and as soon as I can figure out how to link your blog to mine, I will.

  12. Lori Says:

    I’d rather send a check also. What a great idea.

    Another idea for a fundraiser is putting together “theme baskets” with donated items and then selling tickets for them. (you would have to check into the regulations though…we had no problems) We raised A LOT of money for our school fitness center doing that. We actually called them “spirit baskets” ’cause most of the donations were related to sports and our school mascot. We had everything from tiger blankets to autographed footballs in them. They were a hit. You could use themes that aren’t school related, such as a “knitting basket”, a “sewing basket”, “bath and body care”, etc. It’s usually not difficult to get donated items, especially when it’s for a good cause. You’ve already had some offers. Even businesses are pretty generous if you give them a friendly phone call. We had donated car washes, oil changes, restaurant coupons etc.

    We also hosted a nine-pin tap bowling tournament. The owner of the bowling alley was very generous and donated the alleys for the tourney. We charged a fee for people who were bowling (around $15.00 or so for three games). Out of that money, we awarded cash prizes for the top three bowlers.The rest was all profit. We also had donated door prizes to have drawings for throughout the day. Everyone had a lot of fun and we raised around $5000.00 on that.

    It all depends on how much effort you want to put into it. You get the right group of people together and amazing things happen.

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  14. Joan Says:

    WOW! The response already has been amazing! I was hoping this would take off, and from the looks of things so far it just might. What a treat it was to make these quilts with you! Thanks for taking the reins and looking after all the details Frank!

  15. Adele Says:

    You have such a big heart Frank, and you know I love you for it! Those are beautiful quilts made by two beautiful people- and look at that gorgeous child! Great idea for such a worthy cause. Check your email Frank. XOXO

  16. Katy Says:

    I posted a link on my blog. I think the word will spread, and hopefully raise a nice chunk of money. Your quilts are lovely.😉

  17. Carrie Says:

    Damn. I got the notice about the password protected part, but not the actual revealed post! I feel unloved.
    Beautiful quilts, btw – you and Joansy do good work together.

  18. Glenda Says:

    Hello Frank!

    How sweet of you and Joan to do the quilt to help your friend. Here in Missouri raffles are not allowed either. To get around this we can offer “opportunity” or “donation” quilts and sell tickets for that. Just a thought you might look into.

    Hugs to you

  19. miss kendra Says:

    you’re too good, frank. i’m going to work this out post payday.

  20. Allison SuperCrafty Says:

    Friends: I’m humbled speechless. And for those of you who know me, that doesn’t happen often. Thank you for the time, thought, love and generosity you bring to our family. It helps us so much. xo, Allison Jeff & Evan

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  23. MonkeyGurrl Says:

    Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank! You are so sweet. Those are beautiful quilts. Y’know, just speaking locally, I wouldn’t mind bidding on a one of your fabulous cakes (or cupcakes, if you do them)… I’m just sayin’.

    Allison’s a great person and Evan is just adorable. And they are so lucky to have a friend like you.

    Oh – are you gonna be at WeHo SnB thursday? Can we make a donation then? (I’m not completely at ease with the whole on-line donation thingy.)

  24. lyda Says:

    Frank, this is so awesome and those are some amazing quilts. I put a link on our blog, Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom, with a link to this entry, and to the momma’s blog so people can just click there to donate – and I told them to let you know when they donate…

    Think I got everything… let me know if you want me to add anything else…

    Here’s the link to cut and paste, so you can see what I put on our blog (except I know you read Pollyanna’s wisdom everyday, right? Right?):

  25. Alison Juestel Says:

    Hi Frank,
    I’ve been following your blog and your creative pursuits since I met you at Stitches (sat next to you in class and you put a picture of me in your blog!). I was moved by your plea for help for Evan so have contributed $10 via his mommy’s blog and my PayPal.


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  27. sappmama Says:

    Oh my god! These are absolutely STUNNING!

    An obvious display of mad skillz. And just a lovely gesture.

  28. Marin Says:

    Is there a closing date for this?

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