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Stretched Thin!

September 27, 2007

Woo, has it been a whirlwind. At first I didn’t realize what was going on but then I read on someone blog something about someone’s head being in Uranus, I mean, pisces. And on top of that, it’s a freaking full moon! (OK, I have NO idea what any of that means, but I have to blame this roller coaster on something!)

For the last two weeks I’ve worked 6 days each week and then proceeded to run on my day off. Not to mention all the domestic responsibilities. (Yes, I know I could have just bought more underwear, but I just did that! I don’t think one person should own that many pairs of underwear.)

The best part of last weekend was that I got to take one of my former students to school. He moved up north to go to college. :sniffle: Although it was a lot of driving and took up a good part of my day, it was great to spend time with him and to help him get situated. I know he appreciated it as well. He said, “If my family would have brought me, they would have unloaded me and then just left.”

After helping him unload we walked to the bookstore to find out how much his books would be. Then we took a trip to CostCo to get him a fridge and stock him up on snacks for a while.

Sounds really mundane, but it was a very enjoyable day. Actually, it felt like I was dropping off one of my own kids.


Here’s a crappy photo from my phone.

I’m so proud of him. It was a tremendous struggle for him to overcome all the obstacles he has faced. But he persevered. I know he’s going to do great and be successful. (If he can get used to being out of his element. As we were walking across campus he said, “Wow, everyone is white”!!!!)

This week has been a combination of working and getting ready for the Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Show competition in Tulsa. No, I’m not doing a RuPaul wedding cake (maybe next year). I had planned to do some sort of smaller cake, but instead downsized to a sugar orchid arrangement.

By Tuesday I had succeeded in creating this much:


And then Wednesday night I had finished these:


and these:


And as of right now, I’ve dusted those so they now look like this:




(No, they’re not really Hunter Orange. I guess my camera thinks so though!).

Both sets still need spots and stripes. These are the inspiration photos from orchids I saw at an orchid farm while in Thailand.



So tonight I need to finish the pot they’ll go in, paint the spots and stripes, finish the tongues (the center pokey thing), steam every piece with a steam iron (to even out the color and give them a bit of sheen), let them dry, and then pack each individual piece with quilt batting to prevent them from breaking.

Of course I still need to do laundry and pack!

Then when I get to Tulsa tomorrow around 2pm, I need to put them together and get them to the fairgrounds where they’ll be judged on Saturday.

There will be copious amounts of red wine between dropping them off and judging!


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