Happy Birthday Evan!

Yesterday was Evan‘s first birthday! I was honored to be asked to do the cake for his party and this is what I came up with:

Evan's 1st Birthday Cake2

Seuss Close-up

Horton Close-up

Fish Close-up

Fox In Sox close-up

Allison, Jeff, and Evan, you are all an inspiration to me! I am happy to be able to call you friends!

32 Responses to “Happy Birthday Evan!”

  1. Tonja Says:

    how cute! I love it.

  2. Leslie Says:

    What a fantastic cake. A true work of art and of love. :o)

  3. Allison SuperCrafty Says:

    What a special tribute to our little guy on his first birthday! We are all still talking about the cake – and eating the last of it for breakfast! You are amazing, Frank. xo

  4. Christine G. Says:

    Boy oh boy what a gorgeous cake! Beautiful work! The little guy certainly deserves it, and you deserve huge kudos for doing such a great job.

  5. Lori Says:

    I would eat it in a box,
    I would eat it with a fox,
    Frank’s cakes are so cute you see,
    I want one, or two, or three,
    He makes the coolest cakes it’s true,
    They are yellow, and pink and blue.


    Very cool cake…..Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!!!!

  6. Landa Says:

    I told you at the bar that I love it. You did a great job, sugar. I love it. Love it. Love it. Come teach me, sweetness.

  7. Sassy Says:

    So pretty!!!! I LOVE the characters, especially Horton. And the fox. And the cat. And the goldfish! I can’t decide. Good Lord, man, you are talented.

  8. Danny Says:

    That is un-freaking-believable! How did you match those colors so perfectly? Even the black lines between the colors?! What a masterpiece–seems appropriate for such a special little boy.

  9. Anne-Marie Says:

    very very cool cake Frank. I hope you put your signature on it🙂

  10. Kris Says:

    Wow, what a beautiful cake for a special boy. It really captures the spirit of Seuss.

  11. Joan Says:

    An adorable cake for an adorable boy! What a fantastic job you did, your molded characters are works of art! Great job Frank!

  12. Nancy Says:

    No words to describe it! Wow and such a nice little guy deserves a wonderful birthday!

  13. Kristen Says:

    DR. SEUSS RULES! YEAH! HELL YEAH! *throws horns*

  14. Deven Says:

    Me too. And love the elephant’ eyelashes!

  15. Shelly Says:

    Frank you never cease to amaze me! Absolutley fantastic job on this cake!

  16. Rachel Says:

    Absolutely magical, Frank. I love it!

  17. MX Says:

    Oh wow. That is a great cake!!!

  18. shelly Says:

    Wow, that is an amazing cool cake! Kudos to the chef.

  19. Carrie Says:

    YAY for EVAN! What a great cake.

  20. geckogrrl Says:

    What an amazing cake! I have heard about your talents from the other SnBers in WeHo, but this was far more wonderful than my little mind could ever have imagined! Allison and Jeff are really lucky to have you in their lives!

  21. Marin Says:

    I’m glad Evan got such a fantastic first birthday cake.

    And I am completely in love with that fish.

  22. MamaWise Says:

    The cake is beautiful Frank!

  23. lyda Says:

    Oh, I love it! My favorite is Horton – you got them all just right, and Horton looks like he’s just about to move!

  24. Lorraine Says:

    An amazing creation Frank!! It makes a difference when the cake means a lot to you on how you create it and it is plain to see that this little boy is special in more ways than one. I love the design. You have a heart of gold. :o)

  25. Princess Says:

    My jaw dropped! That is FANTASTIC! I love every tiny bit of this cake!!!!!!!

  26. Xan Says:

    Holy cow! That’s amazing! You are so talented.

  27. Colleen Says:

    Wow!!! That is one amazing cake!

  28. lisaquilts Says:

    This is lovely! The colors are great! So well executed. Too bad you’re on the complete other side of the country or we could get together and cake. (Thx for your comment on my cake in Sewingmamas!)

  29. Birgitta Says:

    What a beautiful cake! I love Crinklebine, the goldfish, but the whole cake is just amazing. You are truly gifted.

  30. Jacquirocks Says:

    You are truly gifted. My family and I went to Universal Studios during the Summer, your cake would have fit right in

  31. Flourgirl Says:

    great job Frank! Love your modeling…getting better and better!

  32. karen Says:

    the fox in socks is my most favorite part!

    you are one talented fella, Frank.

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