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Where In The World?

November 4, 2007

Is Dorothy today?

When last we left her, she was in Kansas. I do believe she is still there if this update from BW is accurate:

Dorothy and her friend Willie decided not to go trick-or-treating today instead they spent the day in a maple tree deer hunting they are still out there in the dark waiting. And yes before you freak out because the girls have a gun they both passed hunters safety class sucessfully. Frank I’m going to need Dorothy’s social security number for my taxes.



Today BW writes:

Dorothy rode shotgun the other day on a little delivery……. But first we had to get gas…… Now she’s trying to be a dashboard driver (like she knows where we’re going) Here’s what we delivered despite all her help we made in one piece.

Frank's cake 015

Frank's cake 017

Frank's cake 002

I don’t believe Dorothy made that cake. Although, given that she is purportedly my offspring, she would clearly be talented enough to do so!😉


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