I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Well, to be more specific, I’ve always dreamed of having a white and silver decorated Xmas tree. And now I have one!


Some close-ups to show the various ornaments.


Swarovski ornaments & machine-embroidered (by me) stars


Glass spirals and painted glass ornaments found on sale at Micheal’s.



Another glass ornament found on sale at Michael’s.



Some miscellaneous ornaments from Ikea (2006).

Peeping Tom, er, Frank

And a Peeping Tom shot into our house from outside.

15 Responses to “I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas”

  1. MX Says:

    Is there no end to your talent? Gorgeous tree!!

  2. Shelly Says:

    Very pretty! I love simply decorated trees.

  3. Joan Says:

    Beautiful tree Frank! Your ornaments are gorgeous. The shot from the window looks so inviting. Anyone walking by would want to stop in for a glass of wine by the fire!

  4. Lori Says:

    White lights are the best! I love it. Beautifully done Frank!

    Enjoy your pretty tree this year. Ornaments are a huge fascination for little kids, so it might not look quite the same next year…hee hee….we can only hope, right?

  5. Laurie Ann Says:

    Once again, I suspect you stole those photos from Better Homes & Gardens or Martha Stewart Living. It’s too perfectly pretty.
    You know I’m only teasing because I’m suitably jealous of your mad skills.

  6. Ellen B. Says:

    I’m sure your tree is the most beautiful and elegant one in West Adams!!!

  7. Anita Hobbs Says:

    Gosh, that is gorgeous! I used to take so much time decorating my tree…getting everything just right, balanced, etc. Then kids came along and they have different ideas! All the kids grew up, my tree looked so boringly normal. Little guy came along and is now 9 and has single-handedly decorated our 7 1/2 ft tree the last 2 years. It isn’t perfect…or anywhere near that, but it makes me smile.

    Here is to you and your partner having a tree full of homemade, handpainted, lopsided ornaments very, very soon!

  8. Carrie Says:


  9. Laura Says:


  10. Deven Says:

    Wah! Nobody left me anything to say!! However, I would expect nothing less in the way of beauty from you, Frank. You seem to do things so many things so well. Thanks for the lovely pictures

  11. Lorraine Says:

    Absolutely beautiful Frank. I can’t help noticing the amazing art work on the wall too! Looks stunning from what I can see. I’d like to see more though. :o)

  12. Rachel Says:

    Gorgeous! I want to come in and play your piano and sip a glass of something mulled. Would that be okay? Say, 8ish?

    I’ve always wanted two trees. One to decorate in gold and white – tasteful, simple, elegant. And one in the less-public space (like the TV room) in garish multicolored kid-made ornaments. Alas, I have only one with its mish-mash of decorations.

  13. Kaye Says:

    I love your tree! We need to get ours yet…probably Monday. Went out tonight with a bunch of people from work. Got hit on by a guy…his line was (after he found out my name) was, “Kaye for Kiss–can you believe it! I’m dying. Talk to you soon. I have off tomorrow and then Monday during the day. Love you Frank!

  14. Lori Says:

    Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…….I want one like you in my house. (My tree is still not up Frank!)

    OMG Kaye, of all the lines I’ve ever heard….THAT one is the best!

    Like Lorraine, I demand a picture of the mural on your wall or whatever that is. The windows in the way. It looks like two people dancing, and that the guy is gonna bend the lady backwards……..but it looks like she has boobies on her back…..or is she facing the other way…….Please, we need a better picture. (I’m almost as confused as I was about the Dorothy cake!!!)

  15. Andree Says:

    I bet Martha Stewart is jealous…..really jealous!

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