Handmade Secret Santa Gifts

I am a member on a cake forum. Actually it’s my home away from home. I’ve met up with a group of them two years in a row at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show in Tulsa and had a blast both years. It’ll be an annual event as far as I’m concerned.

For the second year in a row I participated in a Secret Santa Exchange with the members of this forum. This year, what with the Handmade Pledge and all, I ended up making a couple of things for my SS (although I do admit to sending a book that I didn’t make and a couple of toys for her kids that I didn’t make).

For my Secret Santa recipient I made a reversible apron in her favorite colors (blue and green) from batiks. I also embroidered four towels with “inspirational” sayings (well, inspirational if you’re a cook or baker I guess).



Two handmade gifts completed.


9 trillion left to go…

9 Responses to “Handmade Secret Santa Gifts”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Cute cute things! I love those two batiks you used in the apron.

  2. Lori Says:

    Oh, I love it!!! I could’ve used the apron yesterday when my parents and I made 500 pierogis!

  3. sue j Says:

    Frank, I have an embrodiered tea towel that I LOVE dearly. From a sweet friend in her 70’s.
    It says “Alcohol is the answer. I don’t remember the question.”

    Everyone will love your hand made gifts……..they are all beautiful works of art!

  4. MX Says:

    Wow. You are too much!

  5. Joan Says:

    SO very cute! LOVE the towels! Did your SS love them?

  6. Princess Says:

    Man I wish I was your SS!!!

  7. Kentucky Megan Says:

    I was Frank’s SS and let me tell you, his gift was AWESOME!!!! Oh crafty one, I bow to you and thank you from the bottom of my cake decorating heart. I especially love my apron and towels!!! A little, although non hand made, gift is headed your way. Not sure if it will be there before Christmas. Just a little something to say thank you for driving this total stranger to our cake class. Wishing you and L a Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year. Love, BKFF (Best Kentucky Friend Forever)

  8. Gifts: Given « Frank Notes Says:

    […] remember the apron and towels I made for my Secret […]

  9. Denise (Lemondrop) Says:

    Wow! Those are amazing Frank! I really need to participate next year to give me a smidgen of a chance to get something homemade from you!



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