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Holiday Open House

December 17, 2007

Every year My Partner and I have a Holiday Open House. It’s a low-key event whereby we open our home for several hours during the day and guests can stop in, enjoy some food and drink and visit for as long as they can make it. We like to do this because we know how busy everyone is during the holidays (and I can’t stand rejection) so this way people can come when they’re available and stay as long as they want/can. Throughout the day we had over 40 of our friends and family stop by to visit us. I know My Partner and I enjoyed having everyone here and we hope our guests felt the same. Here are some photos from the Open House.


The Spread

Because I was busy with a 200-person wedding cake all week, I had neither the time nor the energy to make the fare that was served at our Open House. Thank You Trader Joe’s! And because it was an afternoon party, we served light appetizers and tons of sweets, including home-baked cookies! (No, I didn’t bake them. I was begging a neighbor for powdered sugar the other night and when she invited me into her home while she got some for me, I saw that her dining table was covered with an assortment of cookies. When I expressed my surprise (and desire to sample every kind of cookie!) she explained that they were for her church bake sale. After I got home the light came on (I’m a bit slow): cookies + fundraiser + Open House = WOOT WOOT! So I called her back and asked if I could buy 10 dozen cookies. Problem solved!)


The Crowd

Why is it that whenever we have a party everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, is standing in the kitchen?! We have a relatively spacious home that is nicely furnished. And yet, every year, every party, THIS is where everyone congregates. Next year I’m setting out food in all the rooms. Maybe that will encourage them to use the other rooms in our house.


The Mural

This is for Lorraine and Lori (the Peeping Tammys) who wanted to get a better view of the mural that covers one wall in our Piano Room. It’s actually half of a larger mural that was used to cover a garage when a dear friend married her hubby in their backyard. I’ll find a better pic when I have more time.


The Gang

Some of our dear friends and their kids (sitting on the back steps NEAR the kitchen😉 ).



Oh man, it hurts! Colton, Makende, and Isaiah.


The Cuteness Continues!

She really knows how to hit me where it hurts!


Mama of The Cuteness


The End

What better way to end a party than with homemade waffles. (I know, I know, but who can say No to those two faces?!?!)


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