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Frank’s Army

July 17, 2008

On June 29 I posted about the efforts of my friends who are/were doing the Relay For Life (Jenna did it in Milwaukee and Adele will be doing it in Windsor, CO).

My friend Adele has coined the term Frank’s Army” for all those who support her efforts for RFL (and generally for anyone who supports me as I go through chemo).

I knew Adele was competitive as I’m a competitive person as well, but I have to tell ya, she makes me look like a light weight. She has taken being General😉 of Frank’s Army very seriously as up to now has raised OVER $1400!! Here is what Adele said about it on one of our favorite web forums, The Baker’s Bar (I’ve made some minor changes to make it flow, as marked by parentheses, but the meaning has not been changed):

As it stands right now, there are over $1300 in donations to Relay for Life- most of those from here at (The Baker’s Bar) in support of Frank!!

Because this is all about raising money, and I’m competitive (emphasis my own😉 ), here are the current standings. Our team is 2nd overall in team funds raised. I am 3rd overall in personal funds raised- I’m only behind the 2nd person by $200!!!!!

Now, just to show you how impressive that is, let me tell you a little about the first place team and fund raiser. She is a local vet who has ALL sorts of national honors and awards. She is known throughout the US for her research and treatment on CANCER in animals. She sends her donation letter out to her ENTIRE client and Christmas list, not to mention all the people who come into her vet clinic and donate there. So being 2nd to her team in the team rankings and being 3rd to (this doctor) (the second and 4th place individual top fundraisers are ALSO (on this doctor’s team) team) is an AMAZING feat if I do say so. And really, it’s been pretty effortless on my part- it’s all because of YOU guys and your support of FRANK!!

So I just finished being all crafty today- I put the finishing touches on 4 gift baskets that will be up for bid in the silent auction at the RFL. Then I got to work on the Luminary Bags. Well, I’m short one bag, so I made mine on paper and will tape it to the bag at the relay. You can’t tell in the photo. but they ALL are blinged out- they have beads and sparkly things all over them- the glue gun was my friend today
I will of course take a picture of the bags set and lit up at the relay too, but wanted you to check them out in the light first.
(Please note: it is too late to support Adele by purchasing luminary bags.)

Thanks once again for all of your support. You all are simply amazing!!



The following my response to Adele’s news:

To Frank’s Army, and it’s General, Adele,

Words become meaningless when I try to find the right ones to express my gratitude for your financial contributions, but also for the cards and emails you’ve sent to me and my family.

As you can imagine, this is one of the most harrowing and trying experiences I’ve gone through. Unlike other obstacles I’ve had in my life, I don’t have the option of giving up. I have a nearly-8-month old, a nearly 50-year-old, and scads of others who are counting on me to get through this.

Knowing this doesn’t make what I’m going through any easier, by any stretch. There are many days I just want to give up and say I’ve had enough. But knowing that there are so many people, including My Guys and My Army out there gives me hope that I can make it through to the other side of this. It gives me hope that someday someone else can be spared from this awful, awful experience. But mostly, it gives me hope for tomorrow and our world. If a group of neighbors can come together in urban Los Angeles to care for another neighbor; if a group of online message board members can band together to raise an incredible amount of money for cancer research, and if a little girl can give up her allowance to help someone she doesn’t know with a disease she likely doesn’t yet understand (see my see Nicole’s comment), then my hope for my community and my world has been reignited and it’s worth it for me to continue to struggle knowing that my son (and future daughter) will grow up in a world that still comprehends and demonstrates it’s humanity.

So again, these words sound so insincere and trivial compared to the kindness and generosity you have all shown, but Thank You. Thank you from me as someone fighting cancer, but also thank you from a father. You will all never likely understand exactly how much you have impacted me by all of this. But thank you.


I was going to say, I invite you all to join Frank’s Army. But by reading, comments, sending me emails, you’ve already done that.

So instead I’ll say, please help Adele in her quest (remember the aforementioned competitiveness😉 ) to raise the most she can for cancer research. You can do that by following this link. (I also have thrown an incentive in there: anyone who donates $25 or more will be entered into a drawing for an item handmade by me.)

Thank you!


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