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Big Boy

June 14, 2009

I can’t hardly believe it, but Oliver has moved out of his crib and into a Big Boy Bed (well, by “Big Boy Bed” I mean a twin-sized mattress on the floor, mostly because Daddy was afraid of him falling off a bed!)!

We have been talking about doing it, mostly because he’s SO TALL that I was afraid he was going to fall out of his crib any day now.  Then with our impending travels to France, I figure now was as good of a time as any to get him used to sleeping in a bed.

So for his morning nap (which he seems to only take on weekends), Daddy (that’s me) took his bed apart and put this mattress on the floor and then slept beside him for his nap.  He went right to sleep, like nothing was unusual!

After he woke up, we dismantled his crib and stored it and the mattress in the garage my sewing studio (anyone wanna buy a crib & mattress?).

Then he took his afternoon nap in his Big Boy Bed WITH.NO.DRAMA (yes, I know, I just jinxed myself).

But so far this evening, after putting him to bed and after his initial crying (which is typical), we haven’t heard a peep out of him!

OUR BABY IS GROWING UP and is becoming a Big Boy!😦


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