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Paradise Lost, Paradise Found

June 2, 2010

Last weekend (Memorial Day weekend) was moving weekend for us.  Well, when I say “us” I mean “Hubby.”  Oliver and I skipped town and spent the weekend at a friend’s condo at the beach (Hey, it was Papa’s idea!  Realistically more probably got done with Oliver being out of the way than had he been there underfoot.)

So while we were enjoying pizza…

And frolicking on the beach…

And getting buried in the sand…

And admiring the boats in the marina…

And observing the fishermen take baby crabs out of their nets…

And watching fisherwomen/girls take starfish off their hooks…

And studying a curious sea lion glide by…

And getting fishing lessons!


And posing for Daddy’s ENDLESS PHOTOS!

(Really, he does have more clothes than the orange t-shirt and the blue long sleeve t-shirt!  It was just the warmest thing I brought!)

Papa was at home, doing this:

and this!

(I swear, that’s how it looked when I walked in the door A DAY AND A HALF after the movers finished moving our stuff!  Does Hubby rock or what?!)

In the couple of days we’ve been here, I can’t believe how much I love it!  Since we got back from our weekend away, I’ve made a point to get out every evening and enjoy the beauty of where we live by walking or biking.  It is truly paradise.  I feel so fortunate.

This afternoon’s adventure involved a tired 2.5 year old, a Daddy, and a bike and went something like this:

Talk about being able to sleep ANYWHERE!  (Notice I had to tie him to his bike seat with my sweatshirt because he kept toppling over like a toddler bobble-head.)  Fun times in Paradise!


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