Wow, here it is, the FOURTH BLOGIVERSARY of FrankNotes!  I can’t hardly believe I’ve been sharing, or rather, attempting to share the ups and downs of my life for FOUR YEARS!

In that time I have made 496 blogs posts, have received 8,454 comments, have had 331, 696 total views!

And every year on my blogiversary (well, except the first, which I apparently missed!) I do a giveaway of some sort.

So to commemorate 4 years of being together, let’s do a giveaway!

Leave a comment telling me why you started reading FrankNotes or your favorite story or whatever, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for…  for…  well, something!  I’d love to whip up a handmand something or other but at this stage in my life, that may not be very realistic.  But it will be something wonderful and filled with love from me.

Thanks for sticking with me for the last FOURS YEARS!

UPDATE: I randomly chose a winner, but feel free to comment.

23 Responses to “Four!”

  1. Jenna Says:

    I started reading your blog because of WeHo SnB. Ever since I just steal from you openly. I make your “organic” mac’n’cheese far too often and I still need to make that heart quilt.

  2. Shelly Says:

    Frank – I started reading your blog because you simply amaze and inspire me. We have never personally met, yet I feel like we are the bestest of friends. You speak so eloquently about what is happening in your life and always try to look at the bright side of even the most horrific of situations. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to laugh and cry with you over the last 4 years – even if you don’t realize it🙂 And I am very happy that you have been able to barrel right through all of those tough times and come out the other side to be where you are in your life today.

    You are a prime example that if you put your mind to it – you can accomplish pretty much anything! So thanks for sharing!

    (and no I didn’t say all of those things about you to butter you up, I truly mean them)

  3. Joan Says:

    It’s been a real roller coaster the last 4 years. Plenty of ups and downs, thankfully mostly ups! My favorite part of your blog was when Oliver arrived. In fact I just went back and read some of it. He was the sweetest baby! Amazing how quickly the baby became a little boy. Here’s to lots of ups for the next 4 years!

  4. Em Says:

    Gee… I think I started reading your blog a couple of years ago, maybe 3… I think your craftiness and open conversation style appealed to me, then of course I also had to keep tabs on the elusive Laurent, exuberant Oliver, and your health! You won one of my giveaways, and I made you an apron (still need a picture!) I’ve really enjoyed seeing your view of the world through my computer screen on the east coast.

  5. Darci Says:

    I believe I started when I followed a link – perhaps from Aunt Purl/Laurie. But a favorite story is more a time – when Oliver came home to live…the very best posts ever!

  6. Joyce Says:

    HI Frank, I just love reading your blog! Not only do I feel closer to you but also like knowing whats going on with my bestest cousin!!! I have to admit.. I enjoyed Everyone of them but Oliver ones are by far the best!!! Love ya!!! xoxox

  7. Lise Says:

    I’m pretty sure I found you through Crazy Aunt Purl. I’ve stuck around because you seem like the kind of guy I would be friends with in real life. And because I love seeing Oliver grow.

  8. Lee Cockrum Says:

    Congratulations!! I am attempting to blog, but thus far it is very sketchy:)

    I think I began reading your blog after I saw one of your amazing cakes on someone’s blog. Perhaps Allison’s? Before she moved to PA?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your life, especially Oliver:)

  9. Melanie Says:

    I started reading your blog after meeting you at “the bar”…. and started following super close when Oliver came into your life… I still marvel at how fast he is growing up!

  10. Angela Says:

    I think I found your through Crazy Aunt Purl too. Since my son is about the same age as Oliver it’s been fun to see that we’re going through many of the same things with their development. Happy Anniversary!

  11. Carolyn Says:

    Just like most of the previous comments…I think I found your blog through another knitter/crafter’s blog. Anyway, I have followed you for awhile through the cancer, the wedding, the adoption, the salon and I am always uplifted to read how you’ve remained positive and upbeat. I am encouraged by how you sort of reinvented yourself from teaching/counseling, to salon owner.

    I am going through some difficult times right now as my husband of 28 years just passed away last month. I am forced to continue on without him and the panic is terrifying.

  12. Chris Says:

    Hey Frank! I started following your blog after following a link from Laurie (CrazyAuntPurl). As the very fortunate adoptive mother of two sons, I loved hearing Oliver’s story! I was hooked on your blog, though, because of your amazing story of triumph over such tough times. I think you, and your beautiful little family, are such an inspiration! (PS. I still haven’t been able to find you on facebook!)

  13. sharon Says:

    Hmmm . . . it was such a looong time ago. Pretty sure I was blog surfing through a whole lot of various craft sites and landed on Frank Notes. It was in the days before Oliver for sure because I was holding my breath that the adoption process would go through successfully. Best moments – well, Oliver’s arrival of course, the ‘all clear’ on your cancer, The Wedding, and the move away from teaching into your new salon where you are obviously so happy.

    Here’s to many more years online or fb😉


  14. janna Says:

    Like several others, I found you through Laurie/Crazy Aunt Purl. I loved “watching” you adopt Oliver, but I also admire the way you deal with the adversities life has thrown at you.

  15. Leslie Says:

    I am noy sure how I found you, probably a click and then a link and then…I do enjoy your Oliver stories, especially your travels back home with him. Best of luck as you continue on to year 5!

  16. Kathy Says:

    I believe I found you through Allison’s blog. And, I was hooked as soon as I began reading about Oliver. I prayed for you through your illness. And now, I cheer when I see Salon Vert. Here’s to 4 more wonderful years.

  17. Denise Says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary!!

    I’ve met you at The Bar, and followed you here. Loved reading all about your life! Especially the day Oliver came home! I was so happy for you and L!

  18. Kaye Says:

    Frank I read your blog just because I love you and hate that we are so far away. When I read about your life it’s like I can pretend that you are close by again. Happy fourth anniversary. I’m happy that you are happy in your life🙂

  19. erin Says:

    I started reading your blog because Crazy Aunt Purl thinks you’re great. I couldn’t stop reading about you fighting cancer and I will continue to read because I enjoy your outlook on life and your sense of humor.

  20. Megan Says:

    I started reading around the time Oliver entered your life.

  21. Bev Watts Says:

    I started reading you when Crazy Aunt Purl linked that you were ill. Being curious, I clicked over and then read all of your archives. I have enjoyed your ups and felt bad for your downs. I love the cakes you used to do and love that you went to Tulsa (i’m an Okie) for a cake show. Life doesn’t work out how we want, but it always works out somehow.

  22. Janice Says:

    I found your site a couple of years ago through another one I happened upon. It wasn’t too long after Oliver’s arrival and I was instantly hooked. Congratulations on 4 years of blogging. I’ve greatly enjoyed following your family’s story. And, fyi, re: your most recent post about having regrets about not being the best you could be today, that’s what almost every parent I’ve ever met has said. Every day we think that, then we go to bed and try to do better tomorrow. My (now adult) sons love me a great deal and I was far from a perfect parent. Oliver will love you even more 20 years from now. Congratulations again. Please keep blogging!

  23. Sharon G Says:

    I, too, followed a link from Aunt Purl. I popped in the first time just before Oliver arrived. The eloquence of you writing about that time, the fact that I had several friends in your same shoes going through a similar process, and the joy I felt when he came to you kept me reading. Continued good luck to you, your business and your wonderful family. The caring and love that you obviously have for each other inspires me.

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