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Oliver’s Fourth Year

November 30, 2011

It chokes me up to think that my baby is actually FOUR YEARS OLD!  (or four months old if Oliver is saying it…)  It’s amazing to think of all the things he’s done in the last year: he’s gone the mountains in California to go sledding, he visited Madeline and her family (my best friend Kathy and her husband Rich in Minneapolis), he got to feed a day old baby calf at Gramma’s house in Wisconsin, he traveled to North Carolina to be the ring bearer in Tia Vanesa and Tio John’s wedding, he saw the Grand Canyon with his cousins Delphine and Jean, he learned how to ride a bike, he went on a couple of camping trips to Kern River (one with Daddy and another with Daddy & Papa and Gramma and Grandpa Kenny), and he started a new school that is doing an amazing job at nurturing him and helping him grow.

What an amazing year it’s been.  I’m honored to be called “Daddy”.  He is my baby, my monster, my angel, my dream come true.  Here is the video of highlights from the past year, starting with his last birthday.



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