Better Than Yesterday

In my perpetual struggle to maintain my weight, I started running a few weeks ago. (This was made possible due to a successful surgery on the DOUBLE Morton’s Neuroma on my left foot, which of course I had been using as an excuse not to run/exercise!)

Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling like there was very much progress. Although I was running a few times a week, I wasn’t feeling any more fit nor was I feeling like I was losing any weight.

So I began to explore other options. Of course, moving to France in a few weeks rather limits my options. I had heard good things about CrossFit so I went to the local CrossFit gym to check it out. Unfortunately they required a 4-month commitment, which clearly doesn’t work. The young woman I spoke to recommended some group fitness classes run by a couple of the coaches from their gym. Danny and Logan from Functional Fitness hold their classes in Palisades Park, on the cliffs of Santa Monica overlooking the ocean. Sounds like a drudgery, right?!

After a phone call to Danny, I was all set up to join them the next morning for my complimentary workout. It was AWESOME!

photo 2Why yes, I am aware that I look like I'm going down a rollercoaster!

If you’re not familiar with CrossFit, they basically focus on large movements and muscle groups, using a variety of exercises from gymnastics and weightlifting, in short, intense workouts. There aren’t any bicep curls or leg lifts. Instead there are kettlebell swings, hand release push ups, various snatch lifts, burpees, lots of running, and many other exercises that I have yet to experience. The workouts are scaled for each individual’s abilities, so even when I’m not able to complete the workout as prescribed, the trainers find a way to modify the weights, repetitions, etc. so that I can finish the workout.

photo 3

I’ve only completed three workouts but I LOVE IT! There is so much variety that it doesn’t get monotonous, but I’ve felt more results from those three classes than from three weeks of running. I’m even planning to get the the few pieces of equipment I need to set up a CrossFit gym in our new home in France!

Aside from the incredible workouts is the camaraderie with the trainers and the other participants. There isn’t any of the usual ‘gym rat’ attitude. So far everyone as been really welcoming and open to me. I’ve learned a lot from just listening to conversations that take place before, during, and after the workout, as well as on their blog. They even have workouts available on their website that can be done without any equipment for when you’re traveling! I also love their motto, “Better Than Yesterday!”

 photo 5
Yep, there IS a neck in there somewhere...

So my plan is to workout with Logan and Danny Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until we depart for France. Then for the 6 weeks while we’re waiting for our container of belongings to arrive I’ll do the Workouts To Go. Finally, once we get the gym set up in our new house I’ll follow along with their WOD (workout of the day) from their blog. Every sixth week when I’m back in Santa Monica to work I’ll drop in for classes with them.

photo 4

Pretty much where I ended up... (Although truth be told, I was in the middle of a burpee!)

So day by day, I hope to improve my fitness level. One thing is for certain, it is “Better Than Yesterday!”

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  1. LeeAnn Gerleman Says:

    I know one thing—–those kettlebells will kill you! good luck. I’m trying to continue my motivation to go swimming three times a week. I just need a bigger push to get going.

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